Top 10 benefits of an online GP consultation

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As technology advances and continues to become an integral part of our day to day lives, the opportunity to receive online and virtual healthcare is increasing. Perhaps this is your first time considering an online GP consultation and you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for you? An online GP appointment works in a similar way to a face-to-face consultation. You discuss your problems and symptoms with the doctor, which allows them to reach a conclusion on what the most appropriate next steps are. Unlike a face-to-face consultation, the doctor will not be able to examine you personally, but if required the doctor may ask you to perform some simple measurements – such as your temperature – at home to give them more information. If you’re considering an online appointment but would like some more information on some of the benefits of an online GP consultation, then this article is the one for you.

 The benefits of an online GP consultation

1. No travelling

For most people, getting to a doctors appointment involves some element of travel. It may be a short walk down the road, or perhaps a car journey across the centre of town. Whatever the distance, travelling to and from a GP appointment can be troublesome. Although the appointment itself may only be ten minutes long, the time taken to travel to and from the appointment can make it a lot longer. Luckily, an online consultation requires no travelling at all. As long as you are in a quiet area, with good internet access, you can have your appointment anywhere. This means your ten-minute appointment really only takes ten minutes. No more leaving work early, or using your entire lunch break for appointments. For those who like being more eco-conscious, an online consultation removes the need to travel in your car to an appointment, which is much better for the environment.

2. See Your GP Anywhere







One of the main benefits of an online GP Consultation is that you do not have to travel. Perhaps you’re working away from home, or are on a city break, and suddenly you need to see your GP. This can be a problematic situation, and in the past may have caused you to cut your trip short or delay seeing your doctor. However, with an online appointment, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. No matter your location, if you have internet access and a suitable area to talk, you can see your GP. This can take the worry out of travelling, knowing that you can still see your doctor if you need to.

3. Appointments Fit Around You

An online appointment is so easy to fit around your schedule and work. You can schedule them in during your break at work, or even before you head to work in the morning. No more worrying about getting an appointment after work, or on your day off. Online GP appointments can often be made on the same day with short notice and can slot in around your spare time.

4. Access To Prescriptions

Did you know you can get a prescription from an online consultation with your doctor? Depending on the medication and the circumstances, doctors can give out a prescription over an online consultation and send it to a pharmacy that is local to you. So even if you are not at home, you can collect your prescription easily and quickly.

At Vaila Health, an online consultation allows access to prescriptions which can be collected from any pharmacy within the UK. Other administrative requests such as sick lines and referral letters can also be processed during an online consultation, removing the need to wait for a face to face appointment for these tasks.

5. More Comfortable

When you’re feeling under the weather, getting yourself up and dressed can feel like a bit of an ordeal. Sometimes you don’t feel like leaving your home comforts, and visiting the doctor’s surgery can be stressful. In those situations, online consultation is the perfect solution. You can talk to your doctor from the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea, no need to even get out of bed. For some people leaving the house to visit the doctors can be intimidating, but with the option to have a doctors consultation in your own home, this can help alleviate fears and anxiety.

6. No Waiting Room

For some, the doctors waiting room can feel like a high-risk place for picking up bugs. If you are prone to picking up coughs and colds or have a lowered immune system, you may want to avoid being in the doctors waiting room if you can. An online consultation with your GP allows you to see a doctor without coming in to contact with anyone else in the process. This can, therefore, minimise the risk of picking up other bugs while on your visit to the doctor.

7. Cost-Effective

Another benefit of an online GP Consultation is that it can be very cost-effective compared to in-clinic appointments. Some private clinics offer a reduced fee for online appointments in comparison to face-to-face clinic appointments. If you have a simple problem which you are happy to discuss over an online appointment, you could save yourself some money while doing so. Although some conditions may require a longer face to face appointment, some simple request can often be dealt with over a shorter online appointment.

At Vaila Health, we offer an online 10-minute video consultation for £45. Our face-to-face clinic appointments start at £80 for a 20-minute appointment. The clinic appointment affords you more time to discuss your health, but if you are just looking for some simple advice, a 10-minute online consultation might be all that you need.

8. Shorter Waiting Times

The waiting times to see a GP in a face to face appointment can be weeks, especially for non-emergency appointments such as medication reviews and follow up appointments. With a private online appointment, you can often secure a GP appointment on the same day. This reduced waiting time means you can get answers to your questions quickly and can help reduce any anxiety of waiting weeks to see your doctor.

9. More Time To Talk

A regular face to face GP appointment is usually 10 minutes long. However, these 10 minutes includes getting from the waiting room, into the consultation room, taking your coat off and getting yourself comfortable before beginning the consultation. This can slowly eat away into the time you have with the GP. As none of this is necessary with an online consultation, from the moment you begin your appointment, you can talk to your doctor. This gives you the maximum time to discuss your problems, and ask any questions that you may have.

10. Easier To Book

online gp consultation

Trying to make an on the day appointment with a GP can sometimes be a challenging and tiresome process. Have you ever found yourself in a telephone queue first thing in the morning, while trying to get ready for work? Waiting on hold can be frustrating, and for some is simply not an option. If you have children to take to school or are at work when the phone lines open, you may find yourself struggling to get an appointment. Online GP appointments can be booked online, via our booking system, so there’s no need to wait on the phone for an answer. The online booking process is a lot faster than over the phone, leaving you with more time to get on with your day.


Overall, an online GP consultation offers a wide range of benefits. Online appointments can fit around your busy schedule, and you can see your GP even if you are out of town. This easy access can help alleviate any stress or anxiety around travelling, especially for those dealing with chronic conditions who regularly see a doctor. In addition, an online consultation can work out more cost-effective, and allows you to see a GP quicker and for the maximum time.

At Vaila Health, we offer Online GP Video Consultations with our local GPs over a secure video link. We also offer telephone consultations for those who may not be comfortable using video calls but would like to achieve the same benefits. You can visit our website at for more information, or to book an online or telephone consultation to suit your needs. If there’s anything we didn’t cover, or you’d just like some more information, please pop us an email at and we can get back to you.
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Dr Darcy Wilson
Vaila Health |
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