How to get a prescription without visiting your doctor

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If you’re feeling under the weather, one of the last things you probably want to do is leave the house and travel to your GP practice to get a prescription from your doctor. Like many, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get a prescription without visiting your doctor. The answer is yes, you can. This is something we often get asked about at Vaila Health, and we know how important easy access to prescriptions is for our patients.

Did you know, it’s possible to get yourself a prescription without leaving the comfort of your home? A doctor can consult with you via a telephone or video appointment, and send a digital prescription to your local pharmacy.

In this article, we will give a quick summary of what a prescription is and why it’s important. We will then move on to how you can get a prescription without visiting your GP, and some of the benefits of doing this.

What is a prescription?








A prescription is, in short, written permission from a doctor that a patient can receive medication or treatment. Most medicines require a prescription, apart from commonly used medicines such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. These medicines can be bought over the counter. A prescription ensures you are getting the correct type, dose and quantity of medicine that is safe for you.

Do I need a prescription?

Depending on the medicine you need, you may require a prescription. This usually depends on the condition you are suffering from.

Simple pain relief for a muscle sprain or antihistamines for mild hayfever, can all be purchased from a pharmacy without seeing a doctor. You may also notice that most supermarkets stock these medicines for sale too.

Some treatments and medicines can be dispensed by your local pharmacist. Pharmacists train for five years and have a vast knowledge of medications. For conditions such as coughs, colds, upset tummies and earache, your pharmacist may be able to provide the appropriate treatment directly.

For more complex conditions, such as chest infections or high blood pressure, the treatments will require prescriptions from your GP. This usually involves making an appointment to see your GP in a clinic. The GP will then give you a prescription to take to the pharmacy. At the pharmacy, you can exchange your prescription for the required medication.

So, can I get a prescription without seeing the GP?








Yes! There are many treatments and medications, which can be prescribed to you without attending an appointment to see a GP.

‘Telehealth’ is the provision of healthcare via telecommunications. This comes in many forms and is used widely throughout hospital and community medicine. The telehealth you are probably most familiar with are telephone and video consultations. Using your telephone, laptop or tablet, a doctor can call you and carry out a full consultation remotely and securely.

In a telehealth consultation, if the GP is able to make a diagnosis during your appointment, they will be able to provide a digital prescription without seeing you at a clinic. The prescription can be sent to a local pharmacy for you to collect at your convenience, removing the need to visit the GP at all.

On some occasions, the doctor may still need to see you in person after your video consultation in order to carry out an examination or tests.

What are the benefits of getting a prescription this way?

Waiting Times








Making a telehealth appointment with a private GP could not be easier. Most private clinics offer same-day appointments, bookable via an online system. You may be used to waiting weeks to see your NHS GP to get a prescription, but this doesn’t have to be the case. On the day and next day, private GP appointments are available at most clinics.

No Travelling








For some people, finding a GP appointment at a suitable time for them can be challenging. Juggling work and home life can leave you with little time to travel to your GP clinic. With telehealth consultations, you can see your GP from the comfort of your own home. This means you can fit the appointment easily around your busy life. As the doctor sends your digital prescription to the pharmacy, you can select a location that suits you. Some pharmacies also offer delivery of medicines, which you may wish to consider to avoid having to leave the house at all.

Order From Anywhere

There’s nothing worse than being away from home – working or on holiday – and falling ill during your trip. Not only can it totally ruin your experience, but it can also be an extremely anxious time. A massive benefit of seeing your GP virtually, is you can access them from anywhere in the UK. Meaning you can contact a doctor you know and trust, to discuss your health. As your doctor can send the prescription to any UK pharmacy, it means you don’t have to travel home early to get your medication. This offers excellent peace of mind when travelling or holidaying.

Can Vaila Health offer this service for me?









At Vaila Health, we run an extensive telehealth service with video and telephone consultations making up a large proportion of our appointments. We have a team of local experienced doctors, who are able to provide digital prescriptions during a video or telephone consultation without the need for a face-to-face clinic visit.

A telehealth consultation with us costs £45, and the fee for a digital prescription to be sent to your local pharmacy of choice is £8. This can be done immediately after your appointment, to ensure you get your prescription quickly. It is worth noting that this fee does not cover the cost of the medication itself, which you will be charged for by the pharmacy, as you have accessed the medication privately and not via the NHS.

In summary

In summary, yes, it is absolutely possible to get a prescription without seeing your GP. By talking to a doctor via telephone or video call, you can avoid having to leave your home to obtain a prescription.

This option can significantly reduce your wait time for a prescription. It also provides a lot more flexibility and convenience to fit it in your busy schedule. If you become unwell when not at home, accessing a prescription this way means you can see a doctor you trust from anywhere in the UK. The prescription can be sent to whichever pharmacy is most suitable for you. No more taking time off work, or cutting trips short, to get your prescriptions.

If you have any more questions about our video and telephone consultations, or if there was something we didn’t cover in this article, why not pop us an email at

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Dr Darcy Wilson

Vaila Health | 0333 577 5999

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